Scouts BSA Troop 228

Upcoming Outings

  • Merit badge weekends are on the third weekend of each month!

Upcoming Meetings and Events

This Month

* October 7th – TLC via Zoom and at David March Park, please wear your field uniform. Please check your email for the link. All leadership should be attending TLCs. If patrol leaders cannot make the TLCs then please email your assistant patrol leader, and ask them to take your place.

*October 14th – Troop Meeting via Zoom and at David March park, please wear your field uniform. Please check your email for the link. The Dire Wolves patrol will be leading this meeting.

*October 15th – 17th  – El Capitan State Beach campout. This is to prepare us for camperee.

*October 21st – Patrol Meeting  at David March park, please wear your field uniform.

*October 22ed – 24th – Camporee at Camp three falls. Our leaders will be helping with the archery there. Make sure you come with a ton of spirit and skill so we can earn the spirit trophy!!!

*October 28th  – Troop Meeting via Zoom and at David March park, please wear your field uniform. Please check your email for the link. The Ninja patrol will be leading this meeting.

Events in Planning

  • Outing planning form: Scouts please use this when planning outings.  Planning form
  • For a list of events currently being planned for the upcoming year, click here.
Please visit the Troop Calendar for more information.

Special requests/activities

None at this time.

Eagle Scouts, Eagle Projects, & Eagle Court of Honor

Corey Meyer’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor will be on Saturday October 9th at 4 PM at the Meyer family home. RSVP’s are REQUIRED. 

Medical Consent Forms
  • All scouts and adults must have a current annual medical consent form on file with the troop prior to attending any outing or summer camp.
  • Click here to get the updated form.

Youth Protection Program

We strongly encourage all parents to read BSA’s information on Youth Protection and take the 20 minute Youth Protection Training (you don’t have to be an adult leader to take the training).  Links to Youth Protection are provided below.  It is the responsibility of all parents and adult leaders to review and understand the principles of Youth Protection, and most importantly, exercise those principles at all times when scouts are present.
Get information on Youth Protection here.
Take “Youth Protection” training here.

Special Instructions for Parents

  • Please escort your Scouts to and from the meeting room.  We have been asked by the Church to not have Scouts going from the parking area to the Meeting without adults escorting them.  Also we must have two leaders present with Scouts so if there is only one adult present please wait until a second leader has come.  Thank you for your support and assistance.

Troop 228 T-Shirts and Sweatshirts
  • Troop T-shirts and sweatshirts (the “activity uniform”) are worn after arriving at outings and at summer camps.
  • Contact Joanna Holcombe for pricing and to place your order.
  • Women’s T-shirts are also available for order.  Cost will be $16.50.  Sizes run small so order 1 size larger.
Please note that Troop 228 T-Shirts are different than Camp T-Shirts, which the scouts can order when they go to summer camp.